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Kaneoya Sachiko

My cat follows me around everywhere and when i sit down she sits on me her name is waffles and shes cute and silly i hope shes ok when i leave for college and even more for when we have to get rid of the cats :/ when my brother graduates hs my dad is prob living in fl… My mom maybe can take them but it depends where she is living and if they allow cats

the only good beer is



[[MORE]] idk if readmores work on pics or mobile or ??? But yeah Yeah exactly lol like i get where theyre coming from its like if a person is just saying they have all these thibgs wrong w them to seem cool its like ok thats not cool or ok at all and i can understand feeling upset if a person claims they have like ptsd or something and you are a perosn w thta and they are just saying it to be “cool” but its also like idk the issue there is people thinkjn that stuff is cool and that stuff being romanticized and w/e and like sometimes self diagnosis is the only thing a person can do and while it doesnt help a person much with overcoming w/e they have (if it even needs to be?) it can help with like…making life less confusing lol or if they ever do go to a professional it can make it easier if they kinda already know what they have. Also idk like i have had anxiety and it was like super obvious like therr was no doubt that i had it even before going to a professional u feel. Idk people need to calm down





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